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I am thoroughly disgusted by your selection of a man as "woman of the year" from Minnesota.

And not just any man! One who advocates relentlessly for the mutilation and sterilization of children.

This ridiculous choice is both unfathomable and unconscionable.

Please issue a retraction immediately, and select an actual woman. I am quite sure that there are some in Minnesota.

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I’m speechless! The shit show continues with its blatant misogyny! I have nothing more to say except wtf is a two-spirit adult???

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What pure horror is this.

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So pathetic such an insult to women.

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Mar 24·edited Mar 24

What I find most depressing is that this person has been elected, which means that people have knowingly voted for him to be in a position of authority. Who are these people and what on earth were they thinking?

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