He says he has “hunger without appetite,” the very definition of pornography, of disembodied desire. He loves to stew in his sickness, a sickness he has described so precisely—Pulitzer level sickness. He “wants the tears,” he “wants the pain.” Whose pain? He wants our pain. But he can only imagine. He can only take what is not his to take. He asked to be “taken seriously,” and his desire has been granted. The World of Agreement celebrates this sad marination of misery as art, as sophistication, as cutting-edge brilliance. But I can only see a pale and shriveled penis floating in a mason jar.

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stuff like this makes me feel that the horse has already bolted. the only people who can change this are powerful men. not the men promoting it. but the rest. they will be gobbled up by this madness if they don't turn on their nerd/trans/big tech brothers and stop them. we women can't stop it. and men won't stop it to save us. men have to stop this to save themselves, to save masculinity, to save mankind, and by doing so, to save the rest of humanity.

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Thank you for continuing to expose this sickness. Please take care of yourself. This type of research must be brutal.

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Travesty after travesty followed by more travesty against women. It beggars belief that anyone can't see the diabolical misogyny in these men posing as women.

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This miscreant perfectly explains the reason almost every man transitions. It's for all the superficially perceived manifestions of what a woman is, and most especially the breasts. They want to play with their own breasts. I heard this somewhere in an interview with a therapist who deeply understands this fetish, can't recall who it was. If a 'man' were making all these gross statements objectifying women he would be trounced as displaying every vile aspect of so-called toxic masculinity. But it's one of those stunning and brave 'new women', the ones with cocks and beards, so we give them coveted prizes. How western enlightenment has been degraded.

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This man epitomises what I find most boring, and most repellent, about too many men: not just their obsession with sexuality, but their reduction of sexuality to "hole plus male penetration".

They will find all towers "phallic" and all interiors "feminine". But this man's perception of a vagina -- and therefore of "femaleness" itself -- as a "second anus" and SAYING SO leaves me speechless.

So there's no difference between the life-threatening labour of pushing out a newborn human child, and excreting digested food waste aka shit?

And the essence of "femaleness" is doubled capacity for shit-excretion?

I'm surprised he wastes time on breasts, lipstick etc when his real calling is playing with shit and anal sex.

He appears to be totally consumed by pornography. Presumably he'll make a great deal of money and satisfaction from boosting the bleakest and most misogynist forms of verbal pornography to the highest levels of academic and literary awards, funded by other sex-obsessed men who need no longer hide in their dirty raincoats.

Sex is just a commodity, after all. And we are all sexual objects for commodification now.

It makes Mary Whitehouse seem prescient. I don't know whether to rage, howl or throw up. I don't know why I'm weeping.

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I really hate the world right now 😡

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Personal disclosure, to put my comments in cultural and racial context, I am a mixed-race Eurasian female writer born and raised in the Middle East and not in the West (thank god). I have been pretty disturbed by the internalized racism many mixed-race Asian writers I know live with because they were raised in the West. And this man is definitely no exception. I am so glad my Asian father was denied the right to become an American citizen when he married my Anglo-American mother (long story) as well as denied the right to work in his field here when he became an ordained minister because of his race and nationality and was offered work in Kermanshah, Iran where his ethnicity and race were an asset and not a liability and life was WAY WAY WAY more interesting. (And political.)

Andrew Chu is more than yet another messed up trans male being rewarded for his misogyny. Monoracial Asian males struggle to come to terms with their masculinity in this society which views them as feminized (absurd to me but it is part of the racial stereotype given Asian males in this country). Mixed-race Asian males seem even more internally conflicted and usually, though not always, identify with the more powerful side of their heritage. Among Eurasians, which Chu is, this is their European/White ancestry. I have never heard of this guy before. And the younger generation of writers today do not interest me that much, no matter what their ancestry, because they seem so focused on shocking their readers rather than coming to some emotional or social truth. Chu clearly values shocking his readers and I think is using the mostly White literary establishment's fear of appearing weak and racist and possibly transphobic against them for personal gain.

As a mixed-race female Asian TERF (though I don't like being defined by trans people any more than they like being defined by me), I find this post more disturbing than most on Genevieve's substack (which I LOVE, for the record), because of its problematic racial content. I have to read this guy's writing. In this story there is so much which I find, not to put too fine a point on it, extremely fucked up. And I feel very sorry for him. He is writing from pain at the very core of his being and has not found a healthy way to work through these many problematic issues that being Asian, mixed-race, American, his generation, male, and gay have given him.

I think American males are in trouble. And have been for several decades. Trans "women" are acting out their emotional disturbances. And for the record, if I sound sympathetic towards males at the expense of females, I am not. I've been a radical feminist since the age of 3, as a result of my multiply (six) cultured identity, all of which are sexist and misogynistic, but in different ways. Tragically, males did not find their own way in response to the 2nd wave of feminism, and I think that's because women are stronger, better at interpersonal relations, better at synthesizing superficially unrelated elements, creating new solutions, working together, yada yada yada. Race is sexualized in this equation (Chu's). All women of color know this. To use a tired phrase, it's complicated. That is a huge understatement.

Haven't had much to say about the Pulitzer Prize in Literature for quite a few years/decades. It tries too hard to be politically correct at the expense of literary excellence or significance. As a "real" post-colonialist myself (i.e. not American born or bred), its predictable kowtowing to what passes for "race", "gender" (in the old-fashioned sense), or "diversity" has been a real turn-off. It's kind of like the new qualifications required for a film earning an Oscar, requiring a certain number of superficially defined "diverse" participants. What does that have to do with art? I agree with this question, although it also rankles the degree to which Asians are--oh, how predictable--invisible in this culture. And especially how Asians are cast in films--but that's a huge subject that i won't broach here.

I also think most American writers, Chu included, have fallen down on the job. They should be critiquing society, living on the periphery, not focused on money and status, as this guy clearly is. Writers should be the conscience of their society; in the U.S., they are not.

I could go on and on. There are too many disturbing issues in this story to go into in a comment. He seems to me to be very twisted by the Exotic Flesh Syndrome. His being male and trans makes it all the more complex.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Your substack is really quite spectacular. I urge women not to give up their power but to realize biological women's strengths are the hugest threat of all to the status quo.

Be a truth-seer and a truth-teller. Our survival as a species depends upon it. Male privilege is essential because, in truth, men are dependent on women from conception to death. Without it they would be a side-bar. Stay strong. Stay honest. Speak up. And most of all, keep your clear vision of what is real. This too shall pass. It's an ideology. That's all.

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Just before reading this, I received a reply email from my US senator, Alex Padilla, all about his pro-trans beliefs.

I'm going to print this and send it to Biden, my members of Congress, and my California state legislators, all Democrats.

They need to know, while crying about "discrimination" for poor, downtrodden biophobes, and blathering "be who they are," about these men.

Who here will join me, and do the same?

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The obsession these people have with genitals does not make them cultured--no matter how many degrees they have.

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This is just beyond disturbing. I don't know how you do it, Genevieve. Most people don't even want to think about this level of evilness, but you dig in. Thank you for what you do! This needs to be exposed.

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This is so very sad in so many levels. That this stuff is out there, so readily accessible. That people want to view it. That people see it as a ‘reason’ to want to change gender. The whole thing is sick and insane.

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Thank you for doing research on pornography, which I would not dare to do owing to the risk of addiction among other reasons. I think it's worth noting that, as I understand it, children now have the same access to pornography as adults. But the addiction risk this access entails does not seem to appear in discussions among parents of cross-sex ideating children. Part of the reason may be the tacit acceptance of pornography use by adults.

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Just read part of his Wikipedia entry. His father was half-Chinese and he was raised in Chapel Hill, NC in a conservative Presbyterian environment which is a smidgen more liberal than Southern Methodist. He's trying to claim whatever minority status he can find, in my opinion. Cannot tell for sure but it doesn't sound like he was raised around Asians. He says he doesn't differentiate between liking females and being female. Is that entire generation messed up? Was it being raised in daycare or what??? He's 30 or 31 so the executive function of his brain is only just now coming into maturity.

Straight men who develop breasts due to their exposure to forever chemicals and who then develop breast cancer have a very poor prognosis for survival. I wonder what the incidence of breast cancer and survival rates for trans "women" is? Anyone know?

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Thanks for this, GG. Thanks to all who took time to expound on this post.

Evil has been given a pulitzer. Lovely, just lovely.

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