Yes, as the ex-wife of a man who did the "whole nine yards" I tell you, they are not stable and not "cured." Here's a factoid Dr. Stephen B. Levine brought out in his recent Florida testimony: the suicide rate of females who had ''masculinizing surgeries" 10 to 20 years before was 40 TIMES higher than the control group. When the study was published, they collapsed the natal males and natal females records together, so the suicide rate for both was 'only' 19 times higher than the control group. This demonstrates how studies rarely consider females as a class and how addled the researchers were, as they used "gender" instead of sex frequently, such that the groups of subjects were scrambled. And that's the most reliable longitudinal study we have, from death records, with a reasonable N = for number of subjects. Here's a link to the Stephen B. Levine testimony.


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"he'd rather die than be male" isn't good enough to infringe on women's rights. I'm so disgusted by this clear woman-hate, and people-hate, really. Let this mentally ill man invade female spaces, let us make that money, let these people need multiple surgeries, let's spend that energy and resources on unnecessary medical procedures... They are fine with Hell on Earth so long as they're paid.

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It has become clear, that our collective societies have long chosen, politically correct virtue signaling, over common sense and justice.

In the cases you present, the immediate action after conviction should have been execution. No ifs, ands or butts...no pass go, no collect 200 pairs of panties. Just straight to the cheapest method of execution.

How are we not outraged, that these examples of evil, debased and sick animals are allowed to exist...and be catered to, based on some political ideology?

Great work Genevieve, although my BP is through the roof, after this and the article on the surrogate pedophile ring.

The fruits of societal apathy and the efforts of all those woke, SJWs throughout the ages are coming home to roost.

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